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Welcome to DrawWithKoko.com!

My name is Koko, I am your manga anime drawing sensei!

Who am I?

It started when I was 7

I’m originally from Tokyo, Japan.


I started drawing when I was  7 – I remember watching Japanese Anime, placed a piece of paper directly on the TV screen so I can trace and practice drawing!  (that time the TV screen was CRT tv, so the surface was like glass 😉)

When I was on the 4th grade I remember joining a Manga Drawing Club at school in Tokyo. Once a week, we gathered in a classroom, brought own manga books and just drew drew drew.


It was SOOO fun!! After 30 years I still remember clearly! We joked, drew, talked, drew…. how I wish the time would last forever!


After +20 years of “lost” time…

Sad truth is that I stopped drawing when I grew older.  I worked as an illustrator, but still, not fully manga style.

but once I moved to Denmark…..

One random day I ran into  “how to draw Manga tips” website.
“Huuuuum, I think I can do better!!?”

My honest thought.

So, same year luckily there was a creative-market event in the city I live in.
I’ve applied – they accepted me to throw a “Drawing Table” for me!  (Thank you DOKK1)

I wasn’t sure if people were coming. Growing up in Japan, I knew Anime Manga was popular but wasn’t sure in Denmark.

This was the result 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇  😱😱😱😱😱

drawing focused students

I screamed in my heart.

My table was full!!!! People came to draw!!!!!!!

That was the beginning.  “I will try to teach Anime Manga Drawing!!!!!!”


Now I found my calling

So in 2020, I decided to start a blog, youtube and other Social Media to start sharing my tutorials.

You know what’s the beauty part of Drawing?

Once you mastered, it doesn’t go away. Even you had many many years of break.

I’d love to share this drawing excitement with people who have passion of drawing, especially Manga Anime style.

I found my calling!!!!
This is it – to teach Anime Manga Drawing / Manga Comic Making.
When I die I will be holding a paper and pen, and family’s hands! 😉

This is your turn now!

This is your turn!! You already know your passion is Anime & Manga.

How about —- you have a Japanese sensei who helps you to improve, gives inspiration, motivation?!

Well….your sensei is ME, I am here to help you !

Pick up your pencil. Let’s practice together 😸!


Personal life: I am married to a very supportive Danish husband and mother of a Viking-Ninja (how cool is that!?) boy. 🙂 Here is a picture of us in Akihabara, Tokyo when he was little.



Why Drawing is Good

There are 3 Goods –

Drawing gives you focus

Drawing gives you creativity.

Drawing gives you confidence.


Anime Manga Workshops / Lessons


You can watch me … on TV!

I’ve made it to a local TV 😄   Denmark TV2 Channel from 0,22. Very short, but hey, I still made it!


Copenhagen Hanami Festival – Anime Drawing workshop booth
Teaching Pikachu drawing!?


Manga Anime Drawing Workshop at the City library – I was blown away how HUGE success it was!!


Super concentrated students ….


Me and other happy students 😃

drawing happy students

manga teaching