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Work with Me

I am available to work with various projects !

there is no limit to your creativity

How I set up for my Private Student’s Lesson. 👆 I hope it gives a lot of inspiration and motivation to draw!


Manga Anime Drawing

Hire me as an Instructor

I’m available to be hired as an Anime Manga Drawing instructor.

I live in Denmark. I am willing to travel as long as we agreed on time, price and condition.
Usually you (hiring person) need to prepare materials (papers, pencils, pens)  for Group Lessons.

If you’re interested or have some questions – please feel free to contact me ☺️
I will be happy to help and answer as much as possible.

+Private Lessons

Private Lessons – Online Only

Some people buy my lesson as Birthday present 😄 .


+Group Lessons

I can work as a Manga Anime Drawing Instructor, for example at …

  • workshops
  • school activities
  • local library or community center activities
  • culture schools
  • birthday party
    etc etc …




Private Lesson : $80 / 55 minutes.  Online or Physical.
+ If a physical lesson, a student is required to take a PCR test.
+ If Online, we use Google Meet. I will provide a link 🙂



Once we agree on our lessons, I will email you an invoice. You pay by Credit Card / Debit Card / PayPal.
Payment has to be made before the lesson 🙂


Questions ? Order? Anytime write to met at … 




Spoken Languages

English or Japanese.
Danish – It’s limited. ..My Danish isn’t good but I can at least communicate.