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This post contains some affiliate links.  This means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you anything extra. 

You want to draw Anime/Manga, or you have been drawing … but curious to choose your tools!

I’ve got your back. Let me share the tools I use!! with detailed explanations.


For Denmark Students

If you live in Denmark check this page to get local-shipping.


4 Important Pens you want to buy!!!!!


Paper – Manga Paper (good for ink & marker drawing) 




<Pencil & BEST Eraser in the world> 


  • Pentel 24 Color Pencils


Let me explain….

Copic Markers

copic marker for beginners

What I recommend for a beginner

As a beginner, I recommend just to start with Copic Marker Chao 24. 
I am actually still using Chao 24 and super happy.


It’s got all the colors that you need in order to color characters, such as skin colors, hair, eyes, clothes…..

If you are a beginner and think of Copic Markers, and under the budget,  buy Chao 24.  There is Copic Chao 12 is too few colors and it will be difficult to draw humans…  With Chao 24, you won’t have a problem.


Copic Chao Blender – number zero

This is one of the MOST BENEFICIAL pen – MUST have.

This is a pen that holds pure alcohol. No colors in it.
By using this number “zero”, you can BLEND colors – just like water coloring – but on alcohol markers.

Without this you are missing out  the beauty fo Copic Markers, so please don’t forget to buy!


Copic Multi-liners

This is for re-drawing outlines.

You draw first with a pencil. Then you want to use this pen to re-draw outlines. Then start coloring …

My favorite one is size 0.05- which is the thinnest one.  Here I took a pic of two of my outliners, 0.05 and 0.5. Can you see the difference easily?

But this is totally up to personal choice. Some may prefer thicker lines… you decide!

you can buy 0.005~1.00  here 


Copic Blender Number”0″

Copic Blender Number Zero
This is one of the MUST HAVE – when you do copic marker coloring.


White-Ink Pen – what’s for???

This pen is a MUST-HAVE pen, if you do any paper-base coloring!  Because using this white ink pen, your drawing is going to be “ALIVE” and VIVID!  See the photo below. I made Galaxies with Copic Markers. I finished up by adding stars with White-Ink Pen.

Do you see how clear and shiny stars look?
We can use the same effect for Anime Eyes.

I’ve tried a few other pens, but this is the BEST quality. You can buy HERE 


Why Copic Markers?

Copic Markers– This is THE BEST markers for drawing.

Copic Markers are Japan-born for professional use in Japan, many architectures, illustrator, industrial designers use them.

Why Copic Markers are awesome?

  • you can make layers of colors
  • it has a perfect brush strokes
  • you can blend & merge colors
  • it has 358 colors available on market
  • unlimited ways or coloring your artworks
  • ink is Re-fillable
  • colors are really stable, clear and beautiful



Copic Chao vs Copic Sketch – What’s the difference?

Copic Markers have 2 different types of pens.
Sketch and Chao.

A bit confusing the biggest difference is : Sketch – more expensive, more color variety, more ink to hold inside.

Here is more explanation.

Copic Chao Copic Sketch
Cheaper More expensive
Less ink More ink
Round Skinny-shaped pens More thick body-pen
Less Color choices Full color choices



I’ve been using Pentel CLiCK 0.7mm .

Love this one, for rough sketch I prefer a bit thick line. Mine is green.


Eraser – MONO

BEST erasers in the world!!!! Period.

are important in my opinion! You want something that is very efficient and easy to use. I’ve been using MONO eraser for decades – this is by far the best erasers.


Pentel 24 Color Pencils

If you are looking for Color Pencils, this is what I use.

Very affordable price and it has rich selection of colors.


Here is the samples of my color-pencil bookmarks!  (used Pentel Color Penci 24)

given mafuyu and Meliodas