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Let’s learn Anime Manga Drawing and a bit of Japanese.

You found us!!! 

Do you like drawing Manga / Anime?
you want to improve?
Are you interested in Japan?

the answer is YES, this is the school for you.
A very special and unique school that is taught by a native Japanese illustrator ..


I am Koko-sensei,  your instructor!

I grew up in Tokyo, Japan. I was 7 years old when I started drawing Manga/Anime, I still remember tracing a character on a CRT – TV! I moved to America and worked as an illustrator for years. Today I am based in Denmark in Europe. I am passionate about teaching drawing. My mission is to help students improve, explain easy ways to draw and build confidence and inspiration.

Summer Semester  2021

JULY  (July 10 start)



What’s Included

  • 1-Live Session
  • 1 Recorded Video Lesson
  • Private Community
  • Art Support
  • Japanese Language Videos
  • Surprise Extras 

scroll down for more details.

Regular $30

/ month

September Fee
Sign up


What to do after Signing-Up?

Please send me a friend request on Discord. After I confirm the payment, I invite you to my community.
My ID = DrawWithKoko#9676


How to cancel monthly payment

Paypal account – you can log in and cancel anytime.

Credit Card – please contact me   
-Payer’s full name 
-Student’s full name
-Reasons to stop (optional) 

I will cancel as soon as possible.

See my students (amazing) Improvements..


…sounds interesting, but, is Koko-sensei good?

This is not something I can decide myself, 😉   but let’s hear students’ voices… (no, I didn’t ask them to write about me. They just wrote it themselves) 


Detailed Explanations & Schedule


1-LIVE Session

The 2nd Saturday of each month 

7/10, 8/14, 9/11 

5pm Copenhagen Time Start 
check your location time here

Let’s meet up! I come on LIVE (link will be provided in my community) and interact with students. We will go through whatever inspires/ helps students to improve their drawings: 

– Mini Drawing Lessons 
– Q&A 
– Creative Talk 
– Feedback 
– Japan / Japanese language


1-Video Lesson 

In the beginning of the month, students will receive a “core” recorded video lesson. This is exactly the same style of my live lessons. 
If students have questions or struggles, let me know in Art channel – I will try to help! 


Art Support 

We help each other! I have an “art channel” on Discord. Post your artwork, the students and I will discuss and give helpful tips so that we can improve together!

Lesson Request

We have a “Lesson Request” channel. Students can post their art struggles. I will make lesson videos to help.


Surprise Extras

Examples of surprises I have given before. 

-Collaboration with outsider facilities 
-Collaboration with students 
-PopUp Live Session 
-Extra Drawing Videos 
-Useful worksheet/templates


Japanese Lessons

I am a Japanese native, I can help with the language!  Often I make short videos! 


We use Discord

Please install Discord to student’s computer.

Message to Parents


Here are some frequently asked questions.

What’s the billing cycle? 

Monthly payment – Once you subscribe, there will be an automatic recurring payment from the date you join. Billing will be on the same day each month.  

Is this a safe place?

I am in the Discord community daily. I interact with my students to make sure students are safe

Students don’t have to turn on their cameras or use their real names in class; however, please try to include a part of your real name in your profile name. It will help me know who you are. 

What’s the age of the students?

I have students from about age 11~ 20+ worldwide. 
Our common language is in English.

Is this for beginner artists? 

Yes, I teach from basic drawing and then add some intermediate and advanced lessons. We start easy and learn to draw at a more difficult level.


Email me anytime!

Not this time but still want to keep in touch!?
Sure, let’s! 

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