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Let’s learn Anime Manga Drawing 

 with a Japanese teacher:  Koko-sensei!


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Monthly Automatic Payment
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 Come back Anytime 😉 
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My office hours is  
Monday through Thursdays, 9am-5pm, 
Off Friday – Saturday – Sunday. 
Copenhagen Time.

I will get back to you during those hours. Thank you !


I am Koko-sensei,  Japanese illustrator  lives in Denmark.

Oh Hi! I grew up in Tokyo, Japan. I was 7 years old when I started drawing Manga/Anime, I still remember tracing a character on a CRT – TV! I moved to America and worked as an illustrator for years. . I’ve been teaching Manga Anime Drawing since 2019. I’ve taught at local schools, library, events and online!

YouTube is free.
Why do I have to pay to join Manga Anime Drawing School? 

 ohh, good question! 
but let me ask..

Does YouTube talk to you?
Does it give you motivation, art challenge, encouragement?

In my Online Drawing School 
I give you lessons, art challenge, feedback, answer your question etc…

Other students help you too.
and even more,

I noticed ….

 drawing activities in my school gives amazing effects
on my students! 

such as..

❤️ Self Confidence 

❤️ Determination

❤️ Focus

❤️ Creativity 
❤️ Friends
❤️ Inspiration
❤️ Challenge Spirit

Gain Self Confidence


This is an actual message from my student’s mother. 
In my school, I try to encourage students to finish what you’re started, 
praise other people’s art works, 
help each other!

What’s Included

  • 1) Monthly Live Session   //// Last Saturday of a month. About 60mins
  • Copenhagen time 2 pm Start <Click for Time Converter> 
  • Link in Discord 
  • Sessions will be always recorded. 

  • 2) Helpful Materials  
    • Lesson videos, Worksheets, Templates, Feedback, …and sometimes Surprise Extras! 
  •  3) Weekly Art Community 
  •  Usually on Fridays I open Art Channel where students can mingle. Students can ask for help or advice – it’s a creative friendly space.
        4) Art Gallery 
       Students can post their drawings in my Discord!  I may pick some drawings and show off to my 145k+ followers.  -be famous! 😉
  •  Basically, I want to make my school friendly, inspiring and fun.
    Are you in?



Cancel Policy 

No refunds on membership. 
You can stay as long as you pay, but once you cancel you will be removed from my school right away –  without waiting for the whole month.   So please remember your billing cycle date, 

How to Cancel
PayPal account payers – please cancel yourself by logging into own account. 
How to Cancel from your PayPal account 

if you pay with a credit / debit card  I will cancel for you so please contact me. 

If you pay with ko-fi, please cancel your account there. 

How do I receive lesson materials and information? 

I provide everything in my Discord community.
Only paid students have access to it. 


We use Discord

Please install Discord to student’s computer. We use them as a “Bulletin Board” to provide my students lesson materials and communicate.  If a student is under 13 years old, please sign up under parents’ information.



Email me anytime!


See my students (amazing) Improvements..


…sounds interesting, but, is Koko-sensei good?

This is not something I can decide myself, 😉   but let’s hear students’ voices… (no, I didn’t ask them to write about me. They just wrote it themselves) 


Surprise Extras

I want to make my school fun 🙂 

Collaboration, Boot Camp, 

Message to Parents


Here are some frequently asked questions.

What’s the billing cycle? 

Monthly payment – Once you subscribe, there will be an automatic recurring payment from the date you join. 

Is this a safe place?

Students can have keep privacy by having their cameras on/off, during any LIVE events. Also use a nickname inI  Discord. 

What’s the age of the students?

I have students from about age 11~ 20+ worldwide. 
Our common language is in English.

Is this for beginner artists? 

Yes, I teach from basic drawing and then add some intermediate and advanced lessons. 


Email me anytime!


Not this time but still want to keep in touch!?
Sure, let’s! 

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