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My Online Drawing School is ended now. 

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when I open again 🙂 

The fee was USD$30 monthly in Fall Semester.  


Let’s learn Anime Manga Drawing and a bit of Japanese with a Japanese sensei.

Do you Love Drawing, Anime and Japan?

Do you want to improve your drawing skills?  Do you need inspiration and good lessons?


If the answer is YES, this is the school for you.
A very special and unique school that is taught by a native Japanese illustrator ..


I am Koko-sensei,  your instructor!

I grew up in Tokyo, Japan. I was 7 years old when I started drawing Manga/Anime, I still remember tracing a character on a CRT – TV! I moved to America and worked as an illustrator for years. Today I am based in Denmark, Europe. I am passionate about teaching drawing. My mission is to help students improve, give inspiration and confidence! 

What’s Included

  • 1) Monthly Live Session   //// Last Saturday of a month. About 60mins

    Copenhagen time 2 pm Start  <Time Converter>
    Link will be shared in Discord 
  • 2) Bite-sized Recorded Video Lessons
  • 3) Art Support & Feedback
  • 4) Japanese Language Videos
  • 5) Social Media Exposure- 120k+ followers will see your art!
  • 6) Surprise Extras !  ex: Boot Camp, Work Room,  etc.

scroll down for more details.


What to do after Sign-Up?

Please send me a PayPal receipt to me WITH a student’s Discord ID.  I will add you after I confirmed the payment.

How do I receive materials and information? 

In my Discord,  there are 2 channels per month. You get a notification from me once I upload something 🙂  Make sure your notification setting is ON !


Monthly Payment 

You can read more on PayPal page.

How to cancel monthly payment

Paypal account – you can log in and cancel anytime.

Credit Card Users- Students can DM on Discord, or,  please contact me
I will cancel from my end. 


We use Discord

Please install Discord to student’s computer. We use them as a “Bulletin Board” to provide my students lesson materials and communicate.  If a student is under 13 years old, please sign up under parents’ information.


Email me anytime!

See my students (amazing) Improvements..


…sounds interesting, but, is Koko-sensei good?

This is not something I can decide myself, 😉   but let’s hear students’ voices… (no, I didn’t ask them to write about me. They just wrote it themselves) 


Detailed Explanations & Schedule


LIVE Session

Last Saturday of a month

check your location time here

Let’s meet up! I come on LIVE (link will be provided in my community) and interact with students. We will go through whatever inspires/ helps students to improve their drawings: 

Bring your sketchbook, pencil, eraser.  or drawing tablet.


Video Lessons 
I share bite-sized video lessons. 


Art Support 

I sometimes ask students to send me their drawings. I make a feedback videos on selected artworks. 

Lesson Request

Students can send me Lesson Request – things they struggle to draw with. 


Surprise Extras

I want to make my school fun 🙂 

Collaboration, Boot Camp, 


Japanese Lessons

I am a Japanese native, I can help with the language!  Often I make short videos! 

Message to Parents


Here are some frequently asked questions.

What’s the billing cycle? 

Monthly payment – Once you subscribe, there will be an automatic recurring payment from the date you join. 

Is this a safe place?

Students can have keep privacy by having their cameras on/off, during any LIVE events. Also use a nickname. 

What’s the age of the students?

I have students from about age 11~ 20+ worldwide. 
Our common language is in English.

Is this for beginner artists? 

Yes, I teach from basic drawing and then add some intermediate and advanced lessons. We start easy and learn to draw at a more difficult level.


Email me anytime!

Not this time but still want to keep in touch!?
Sure, let’s! 

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